Presentation Fun, a tool in progress for you!

11 06 2012

Everyone of us will have to present a presentation to someone at some point of their lives. Whether it’s at school, at work or maybe just to impress someone you know, you will be in that situation where you need a good presentation to show and impress.

Many people find presentation making a challenging thing especially when you want a mind blowing presentation that will totally grab the attention of your viewers without them getting bored and asleep and you being embarrassed.Image

All presentation experts agree on these following steps for a better presentation:

1. Grab viewer’s attention

2. Clearly communicate your information

3. Stay in control of your presentation

Well that seems interesting… but how are you going to do this! I have good news for you… apart from the fact that you should do your research and get the useful information (no tool can help you here!) I have a brilliant solution for you that totally guarantees you accomplishing the key factors of a successful presentation.

ImageI will share a project called Presentation Fun that is great but sadly is still in progress and needs your help! But before I tell you what this project means I’ll tell you what it does.

Basically it is a presentation/video maker, that helps you create a presentation that will grab people’s attention by simply showing off with a professional video full of graphics and animation while they’re expecting the same dull presentation!

A picture is worth a thousand words, well how about I give you a way to clearly state your information using meaningful photos and not limited to those simple “clip art” photos used in Power Point that are dull, boring and everyone has just got fed up with. With Presentation Fun you can choose a set of up to twenty packages of still and moving pictures that are related to whatever subject! What’s even better you can upload whatever still or moving picture you want yet what’s even best, if you support the progress of Presentation fun now (I’ll go further on the details below) you can get personalized graphics made only for you!

Finally, staying in control while you’re giving out presentations is not an easy task for many people especially if you’re someone who gets terrified or suffer from stage fright, then a video will warm the stage up for you and people will concentrate less on you and more on the video/content being played and get a wowing result.

Now comes the important stuff, whether you’re interested in presentations or not, I urge you to log on to this link: and help young start-ups to go on with their lives and create a product that will make life easier for a lot of people.

You don’t have to donate much, ONE dollar will just do! A dollar may mean nothing to you but it surely means a lot to these developers and the people who will benefit from their project.

Think of this as a humanitarian aid thing that many people and families will benefit from. Think of how many people who are eager to get a job but they lack presentation skills or even worse, have stage fright and think how this product can be part of their success.Image

Think of ordinary students at school who want to create something “cool” and become a member of the “cool gangs”! Think of university students who are helpless to graduate and they’re just a presentation away!

It’s more than just a presentation tool, it’s more of “helping the society” tool!

Be part of helping the community, because we all owe the community! All it takes is a click on the link: and donate!

I have already donated and I will be getting my treat :) How about you?

Tip 3: What to eat!

23 04 2012

So how are you going to start our day; But before that we need to set a few rules that I advice you to follow:

1.You don’t need to measure your weight every single day or else you will become obsessive with that number you want to reach. Plus research studies have shown a good relationship between bad mood and the urge to eat, therefore, if you stand on the scale everyday with no kilos dropping, you will definitely have a bad mood and as a result your body will ask for food (especially that fat junky food) and your diet is broken! Standing on the scale once a month is more than enough to know exactly how many kilos you’ve lost throughout the month. Your clothes, on the other hand, are like your best friends, they will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth.

2. Write down what you’ve eaten throughout the day and stick to it! Get a notebook and set the following table on it:

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Water Extras

Honestly register what you eat! You won’t be cheating anyone but yourself ;) As for the extras: register the snacks that you eat between meals, I don’t mean chips and chocolates! I mean healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and if you’re good you can add a small piece of dark chocolate :)

Water: you should at least drink 9 glasses of water everyday!

3. Drink lots of water: drinking water before your meal can reduce up to 20% of what you eat. So drink a glass of water before every meal, drink water when you feel hungry, and drink water whenever you have a few minutes to kill; Basically drink water all the time :)

4. If you had your meal, snack and drank water but you’re still hungry go and brush your teeth :) it’s effective I promise!

5. No Sodas or alcohol drinks whatsoever! If you can’t help it try to drink diet sodas once a day ONLY!

Now back to our food schedule:

Breakfast: Of course start with a glass of water and I advice you to drink a glass of milk as well (skimmed milk or full fat if you can’t stand the skimmed one) then start with your breakfast. You have the choice of the following:

  • You can start with a bowel of cereal, not the corn one, choose one that is designed for diets, I honestly got used to the whole wheat ones and stopped eating the corn based flakes! Special K from kellogg’s, is really good and my favourite is the one with berries!  You can also try the Nestle fitness one, personally I didn’t like it, it tasted too sweet for me. There are other brands that you can try but make sure the cereal you choose is whole wheat instead of corn! You can add fruits to your bowel, fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cranberries or any other kind of berries! Berries are full of anti oxidants and taste really good and will give you a great boost.
  • If you’re not a fan of cereals or you’re just bored and you want to have another thing for breakfast try having the Halloumi Cheese let’s say 80 g of Halloumi and spread it on a medium brown sandwich roll with a leaf of lettuce. You can also add a slice of turkey and eat tomato and cucumber with it. You get to have 5 olives as well. This is my favourite breakfast and I always enjoy it with a nice cup of tea.
  • You can also start your day with a boiled egg with brown bread, cucumber and tomato
  • If you don’t like any of the above, how about a bowel of yoghurt and berries, or apples, or any other fruit? But make sure you don’t mix more than three kinds of fruit in one meal.
Breakfast is a very important meal to start your day with, it improves the metabolism  in your body and helps you to start burning the unwanted fat! Never ever skip your breakfast!

Lunch: You can repeat what you had on breakfast or you can follow the following suggestions, but first, drink a glass of water :)

  • A bowel of salad with a grilled chicken (which you can basically find in any restaurant) as for the dressing, I would very much recommend the Greek dressing (olive oil, a bit of salt and lemon) but if you can’t eat it without the Caesar dressing, for example, try to add a bit of it only.
  • A medium brown bread or one brown toast with grilled piece of chicken and olives is also an option (I will present other healthy, tasty lunch recipes in other tips)

Dinner: As for dinner you have a choice to eat anything you want but in small doses and of course drink a glass of water before you start!

  • A bowel of salad and grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables (especially broccoli! it’s my favourite and it’s very healthy! other vegetables like peas, carrots, squash, courgette, hmmm and many more)
  • A bowel of salad and a steak with steamed vegetables
  • A bowel of salad and any kind of seafood (cooked, steamed, grilled but NOT fried!)
  • A bowel of salad and spaghetti Bolognese  with a bit of parmesan cheese, mind you with pastas I would very much recommend you with light sauces  instead of sauces that include cream!

So bottom line, you can have anything but in small doses and not fried! You should start with a bowel of salad and you can add a bit of rice if you want to any meal. I would say 3 – 5 spoons of rice with your dinner.

Finally Snacks: you should have two snacks a day, one between breakfast and lunch, the other one between lunch and dinner. You can eat one kind of fruit in every snack and/or one kind of vegetable. And good news… you can have a little piece of DARK chocolate every other day!

Flash news: choose a FREE DAY once a week and stick to it! You can eat WHATEVER you want on this day! Yohoooo!

I will give out healthy, tasty, Mediterranean recipes in the following tips! So stay tuned and start with this new diet today! See you’re eating everything!!! It’s very easy to follow this programme!

See you next tip with great healthy recipes :)

Tip 2: Change is Good, Commit to it!

7 04 2012

OK so you have already admitted that you don’t lead a healthy lifestyle which is great! Hop on to step two!

You’ll see with the coming tips that this new lifestyle is considerably easy and actually “doable” I did it and so you can! Don’t be afraid and let’s do it!

Beware when you start, you will be energetic, enthusiastic and eager to change but… I must warn you, after the first week things are going to get harder, your body is going to ask for the crappy things you’ve been eating so don’t give in! You need to set your body to this new system.

You MUST commit! This is your life we’re talking about, so don’t lose hope or faith. You can do it!

I assure you that if you stick to the tips and the new lifestyle within a month you’ll become addicted to this new diet and actually your stomach will get used to the healthy food and will ask more and more for it.

Flash news: you get to have a free day!! So don’t forget to plan all week for your treat  ;)

Believe me it’s an easy task and can be done by YOU! Just commit to it and never leave it for your old unhealthy lifestyle!

Next tip it’s going to be on how your day should be, what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, etc…

In the end here’s something I like about commitment and it’s true!

First Tip: Admit you need change

3 04 2012

Everything starts with this sentence: “Don’t underestimate the power of denial” Yes indeed! We never start becoming healthy because we always think that: OK I lead a healthy lifestyle; I eat fruits, vegetables, drink enough water and I exercise but I’m not losing weight or getting any closer to that healthy looking body.

Well let me be the first to tell you; guys… this is impossible! There’s no sense in the world that approves that you are eating healthy and exercising, yet you don’t like how you look (special health problems are not counted here!)

There must be something wrong in your diet! And when I say diet I mean the way that you eat. Stop denying!

Here’s a few questions you need to answer before you say you’re healthy:

1. Does your body ask for fruits & vegetables when two days pass and you don’t eat them? (You let two days pass without eating any fruits or veggies? busted!)

2. Do you drink 9 glasses of water every single day??

3. How frequently do you do sports? Do you even like sports?

4. Do you eat three meals a day?

If one of the above was a no then you have to stop thinking that you are OK!

Getting a new lifestyle is not impossible and after a while it would be refreshing and fun but you need to admit that you have a problem and staying the way you are is not going to help!

Fine so start with this: “I admit it, I need to change the way I look, the way I eat, the way I live my life”

Which leads us to the second tip: Change is good, so commit to it!

14 07 2011

We all have hidden talents within us and we’re just waiting for the right chance to unleash them.

Have you ever wished if only you could sing a song and send it to your lover? Or maybe as a teenager you wished you could be able to send your talented voice to some kind of producer and become the next Michael Jackson!

Or maybe you wished that you could easily make a joke and spread it around but didn’t have the right tools?

Well I have good news for all of you! AnMish is the answer!

What is AnMish? It is simply a free website that allows you to record your voice on a character you choose, save and send to whoever you want!

AnMish is very easy to use… You get to choose a character from a list of characters which contains famous people and celebrities, politicians, puppets and their latest the real image of President Obama!

Once you’ve chosen a character all you have to do is start recording your voice saying whatever comes to your mind. However, you only have 30 seconds so you’d better make it quick !

Now I’ve noticed that a few users of AnMish are not really keen on the lipsing of the characters which is due to the setting of, what AnMish has called, Mic Activity Level.

Every microphone we use has a certain degree of noise and sensitivity; Mic noise is the sound of humming that can be heard sometimes when using a microphone, as per sensitivity, some microphones are really sensitive to any sound and some others aren’t! So what AnMish means with the “Mic Activity Level” is that you can set up your microphone before recording in order to reduce the sound of noise or set the sensitivity of your microphone.

Therefore, I would recommend you to test your microphone and it’s activity level before you finalize your recording. But be careful not to set it too high where the character won’t move its lips or set it too low where the microphone will detect the smallest sound which leads to the continuous mouth movement of the character.

Once you’re done with setting up your mic activity level you can either use your own voice or tick the “Voice Morpher” box where you can have the sound of a chipmunk!

Once you start recording, you can use the keyboard shortcuts to opt for a close up, medium or long shot, switching between the three as you record.

You can also change the characters emotional state from happy to sad to angry.

Finally save and share with the rest of the world.

What I like about AnMish is the easy steps of animating a short movie with your own words and voice.

I was amazed with the diversity of AnMish usage! Some people used it as a very clever way of teaching languages, some others have used it as a way of marketing their products especially when having President Obama, for example, recommending your own products!

To start your AnMish experience visit the website:

قال ما عاد في ناموس قال!

28 06 2011

لك وعم يقولوا الناس ما عاد فيها ناموس؟؟؟ إي إجباري!! لأنو الناموس معبي البلد! لك إي إي الناموسة الطبيعية يلي بتقرص البني آدم وبتمصلوا دمه وبتترك أثر يدعو للحكوكة متل الجربانين!

لك إي الناموسة! شبنا؟؟؟ والله لا عم موّه ولا عم لمّح لشي تاني! هي الناموسة يلي في منها على صغير (البرغشة يعني) وفي منها على كبير متوحش بترتعب بس تقرّب عليك على قد مو اسم الله رجليها طوال “طول الحورة يا بعدي” وأجنحتها ولا أجنحة الفراشة!

لك شو بدي قول لقول، هي الناموسة نفسها يلي كان يقتلها النمش بالمسلسل الهندي… قصدي مسلسل البيئة الشامية “باب الحارة” لك آاااااخ لك وينك يا نمس! ضروري تطلع مدسوس وعوايني!

كان من زمان النمش يدور عل ناموسة وصرع راسنا طول المسلسل على قولة” يا ناموشة وينك وينك” إي هلأ ما شاء الله حولها وحوليها هل ناموسة، إي بتدوّر على عشرة متل النمش!

بس لا تقلولي أكره شي وقت بتطلعلوا للواحد على شكل غارة جوية وهو عم يحاول ينام، لاء وما بيعجبها تطير إلا فوق إدنو للواحد!

وعلى شرطتكون صايرين فجعانين، لك ما بيشبعوا من قرصة وحدة! إذا ما داقوا الدّم يلي بإصبع الرجل الصغيرة والدّم يلي بالجبين وبالإيد والأظافر وبعد شوي الشّعر ما بينبسطوا! الله وكيلكون كل يوم عم نفيق متل يلي معو جرب نازلين حكوكة وهرش بحالنا!

لك ما تركنا فاب على بف باف على ريد على القرود السعادين وعبث! لك والله آخر شي تركتلها الغرفة لتسرح وتمرح فيها… بس أبداً وحياة يلي خالقك مالي مفارقك!

وما بدنا نقول البلدية مقصرة لأنو الله يعطيهم العافية والله كل يوم عم يجوا يبخوا بس والله ما بعرف هل دواء تقولوا فيتامين مو هيك! لك العمى والله كل ناموسة عم تكبر وتتغذى عليه! ما بدي حطون بذمتي بس مدري الدواء خالصة مدتو أو هل نواميس تمسحوا! يعني بيجوز عم تقولوا لحالكن ناموسة وبدها اتمسح؟؟؟؟ لك إي إي إذا العالم تمسحت فما بالكن بالنواميس!!!!!!

فهلأ يا سادة يا كرام عرفتوا وين راح الناموس من العالم؟؟؟ عرفتوا الناس ليش صايرة مافيها ناموس؟؟؟ لأنو الناموس ليكو مبحوت بالشوارع بحت نازل قرص بهل عالم!

إي الله يطلعك يا نمش بالشلامة وتجي تخلّصنا من هل ناموشة يلي ما عم تخليني أعرف نام!

وبالآخير بحب اهديكن هدية غنية بمناسبة العيد الوطني للناموس!

وهلا والله وحيا الله وأهلييييييييييييييييييييين!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 04 2011

المعروف عن الخروف بأنه حيوان أليف ولطيف وصديق مهم وأساسي للإنسان… وقد تردد اسم الخروف كثيراً في جميع محادثاتنا الحياتية اليومية لدرجة أنّ الخروف قد أصبح من أهم العناصر في المجتمع. فالخروف هو ليس مجرد حيوان أليف كما يعتقد البعض،  فبالإضافة لما يعطينا الخروف من صوف وحليب ولحم لذيذ فإنه يعطينا العديد من الصفات الحديثة والعديد من الأفكار لأغاني الأطفال مثلاً (خروفي خروفي، لابس كنزة صوفي) بالإضافة إلى مسلسلات كرتونية للأطفال مثل (Shaun The Sheep)

لكنّ الخواريف أنواع… فهناك الخروف الذّكي مثل شون الذي يستطيع أن يستخدم عقله المفكر لحل مشكلاته ومشكلات أصدقائه في القطيع. وهناك الخروف العادي الذي كل ما عليه فعله هو أن يأكل العشب أو الحشائش ويشرب الماء  ويصدر صوته المحبب لقلوب العديد من الناس مااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااع وهذا الخروف يتميز بكونه منتشر بكثرة في هذه الأيام وخاصّةً في المروج العربية وذلك لكونها مروج خضراء وهذا بسبب موقع الوطن العربي الاستراتيجي الممتاز “كما درسنا في كتاب الجغرافيا”. فإننا نسمع الكثيييير من التمعاية أينما نذهب،  فعندما نشتري مثلاً شيئاً عالي السعر فإننا نقول: لقد خورفونا واتخورفنا وليكنا عم نمعييييييييي…

لكن التمعاية لا تتعلق فقط بغلاء الأسعار والنّصب على المستهلك من قبل البائع بل للتمعاية معاني عديدة أخرى… فمثلاً عندما نسمع صوتاً مزعجاً جداً أو أن نسمع كلاماً بعيداً عن الحقيقة وأقرب للخيال العلمي فبإمكاننا اليوم عزيزي القارئ أن نقول: إي بيكفي تمعااااية يااا خواريييييييف!!!

أعتقد أن الخروف اليوم قد أصبح أقرب إلى قلوبنا من الحمار، على الرغم من تميّز الحمار بالصّبر ولكن عندما يزداد الضغط عليه فإنه يقوم بالنهيق مثلاً أو الرفس واللبط… إلخ وكما يقول المثل (لا تخاف إلا من لبطة الحمار الصغير) أما الخروف، فيا عيني عل خرووف، فهو لا يهش ولا ينش وكل ما عليه فعله هو أن يأكل الحشيش ويمعييييي ويبقى مع أصدقائه الخواريف اللّطفاء. ومن الجدير بالذّكر أنّه تمّ استبدال الحمار بالخروف حتّى أنّه أضحى من أهم عناصر التراث السوري لدرجة ذكره الدّائم في المسلسلات السّورية، فمن منا لا يذكر جملة “خرووووووووووووووف خرووووووووووووووووووووف” في مسلسل خان الحرير التي كانت تلازمنا بدايةً لكل حلقة من ذلك المسلسل، يعني الخروف اليوم أصبح من أهم نجوم الدّراما السّورية حتّى أنّ الممثلين أصبح بإمكانهم التّمعاية بشكل صحيح جدّاً لأنّه طبعاً “من عاشر القوم أربعين يوم صار متلون” لذلك أطالب وبشدّة أن يتم إنتاج مسلسل خااااص عن حياة الخواريف لأنه يجب على الجميع التّعرف أكثر على مواصفات هذا المخلوق اللذيذ المحبوب!

بالنّسبة لي أنا أحبّ الخواريف وأطالب أيضاً أن نقدّر الخواريف ونعتمدهم من تراثنا وأنا شخصياً أشعر بأنني خروف من لحظة خروجي من المنزل، فسائق التاكسي يخورفني عندما أذهب إلى عملي وعندما أشتري أي شيء كمااااان “بتخورف” ومعظم أصدقائي على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي هم خواريف أيضاً وكلُّ على طريقته الخاصّة فلماذا ننزعج عندما يدعونا النّاس خواريييييييف؟؟؟؟؟ لأننا بالفعل خواريف ولكن لكلّ طريقته الخاصة بإظهار صفاته الخاروفية…

ودمتم خواريف سالمين لأهاليكم ولهذا البلد الحبيب الذّي أشدد بهذه المناسبة على لُحمته الوطنية! وعندما أقول لُحمة فهي بالضّمة وليست بالفتحة لأنّو ذبح الخواريف وأكل لحمته بعيد لأنّ العيد مطوّل ليجي وكل عام وأنتم وخواريفكم بألف ترليون خييير.



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