Freedom of Mind

7 03 2011

The other day I was tipped to listen to a radio morning show that was hosting a very good friend of ours as a guest to talk about youth and the right way to motivate them in order to fulfill all their dreams.

However, the speaker mentioned how important it is to be happy from the inside in order to become actually happy and start dreaming. He invented a rule which consisted of five words, all starting with the same Arabic letter, each word meant something that lead to the other.

I don’t quite remember the 5 words but I do remember, what sounded to me, the most important one of all; The Freedom of Mind. We as youth, in general, always have someone who tries to live our lives and mentors us to the right way to live it! This is where we start losing the ability to dream. In order to be successful and make something you call your own, even if it was a small shop that sells ice-cream, you need to start dreaming and stop living somebody else’s dream.

Let me put it like this, you need to think what is the most important thing in your life. What makes you an important, successful person in your OWN opinion.. Is it having a business to call your own? Or are you the type of person who would like to improve in a career? Start by thinking what you’re good at and dream. If you feel that you are a person who likes a permanent job, put a goal in front of you and start thinking where you want to be later in your life, what it takes to get there then go and achieve your dreams!

Don’t listen to people who will let you down.. don’t think of the people around you and what they want you to be and what would they think of you being the person you want to be! Whether they like it or not, this is your life, and not someone else’s! If they don’t like it now and you’re determined to get there, they’ll understand when you succeed. Believe me I’ve seen it happen, it’s not something impossible, but we just tend to run away to the easier choice and we start blaming everything around us! We blame the simplest and most stupid things; We blame the weather, the society, time.. when we want, nothing is on our side and we think we’re waiting for the perfect storm. But how would a storm blow if there’s not enough wind to make it come! Free your mind and think positive.

Every morning is a new chance, a new day, a new opportunity, if you wake up feeling optimistic and happy then you’re able to make the most of this day. But if you wake up groaning and feeling it’s just another boring day, then so it will be!

I don’t know about you but I do believe in Karma and I certainly believe in Energy Flow. If you believe in something, it will happen. It’s not only the energy that will bring it, it’s YOU who will make this energy flow. I believed in many things in my life and believe me I consider myself to be lucky in everything. I assure you I wasn’t born lucky, but I believed I was lucky and so I was. I rarely moan or groan and when something doesn’t go right it’s because I let it go wrong.

It’s US who make our own destinies! Once you believe this, you’ll be successful, whether in starting an independent business, developing a career in someone else’s business, in housekeeping, selling shoes, selling fruits and vegetables, even raising children! It’s important to be successful in what you do and not try to live others’ success.

Dream and dream and dream! Set your dream and sail to fulfill it!

Finally, I’m telling you, sometimes you won’t wake up feeling how grateful you are and how wonderful life is, but I want you to remember one thing when you feel low; Life is not a pleasant journey, but it is us who either keep it so, or make the best out of it.




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7 03 2011

Great post… completely agree with the energy flow and positive thinking parts…
Let’s do it!

8 03 2011

Thanks 😀

7 12 2012

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