Could Solar Storm 2012 Really End The World

15 08 2010

When I first heard about something called The Perfect Solar Storm in 2012, the first idea that came to my mind… Uh-Oh! John Cusack’s film and the Mayan people were right!

I started googling the whole thing when I found a big title that totally freaked me out: “2012, The End of the World” in very large no-one-can-miss letters, followed by words written in very small tiny letters: “as we know it!” So 2012 may be the end of the world but not as handsome actor John Cusack acted, it’s just going to have some changes, sorry John 🙂

Of course, I was still freaked out, who wouldn’t be anyway, but I wanted to make sure what this meant. So, after searching for hours and reading words for the very first time in my life, I realized that these are all predictions. Predictions that a huge solar storm might hit the Earth in 2012 causing huge damage to electricity systems on Earth, but again this storm might never even happen.

I will start sharing a few facts about this so-called Perfect Solar Storm, and will leave the rest for you to decide.

Back In 1859 a perfect solar storm hit the earth, it was stated as the largest ever recorded geomagnetic storm and lasted between 28 August – 2 September of that year. The only technology people had at the time was the telegraph wires which went down all over Northern America and Europe because of the magnetic disorder that was caused after this storm. Telegraph pylons threw sparks and telegraph papers caught fire. Accordingly, Aurorae were seen in the world (which are usually only seen in the poles at night), most notably in the Caribbean, and were seen as far south as Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Italy.

Again in March 1989 a severe, but less powerful geomagnetic storm hit the Earth and caused the collapse of the electricity system in Canada, about 6 million people were left without electricity for 9 hours. Aurorae were seen as far as Texas.

However, NASA people are expecting a perfect storm again in the year 2012. What is the perfect storm? And why does it happen in   the first place? Why NASA are expecting this storm to happen in 2012? This is what I’ll try to answer in this article.

The sun goes in a 22-year-activity cycle which has two extremes, The Solar Minimum and The Solar Maximum. Every 11 years the sun goes into its Solar Minimum Phase and the other 11 years the sun transfers into the other phase, the Solar Maximum. What happens during the Maximum is that the sun sends billion-ton clouds of electrified gas into space and has enormous number of sunspots and solar flares eruptions. At the Solar Minimum phase, the sun sends less solar flares and less sunspots are noticed.

Solar Wind (which are electrified gases sent to space), however, is heavily erupted from the sun during the Solar Maximum causing a shock wave which typically strikes the Earth Magnetic field 3 days after the event causing something called the geomagnetic storm. This only happens if the shock wave travels in a direction towards Earth. The solar wind pressure on the Earth’s magnetosphere which will increase or decrease depending on the Sun’s activity.

So why does a geomagnetic storm affect the Earth’s electricity?

The ionosphere is the layer between the thermosphere and the exosphere and it is the layer of the atmosphere were Aurora happens. Together with the atmosphere, they form the global atmospheric electrical circuit, therefore when solar wind happen, pressure changes modify the electric currents in the ionosphere causing problems to electricity systems on Earth. Just like what happened back in 1989 in Canada and earlier in 1859.

Why are the NASA people predicting that 2012 a perfect solar storm will occur again?

In 2001 The Solar Minimum phase started and during this phase, the sun remained unusually quiet but on August 2, 2010 scientists noticed a major sunspot on the backside of the sun.

For unknown reasons, the current solar minimum has lasted longer than normal. Scientists confirm that this solar minimum has been the longest and deepest one in the last hundred years. But again nothing extraordinary!

What happened in 1859 was a combination of several events that occurred on the sun at the same time. If they took place separately they would be somewhat notable events. But together they caused the most potent disruption of Earth’s ionosphere in recorded history.

So let’s get this straight!

NASA people say that The Maximum phase, starts in 2012 (that is 11 years after 2001) and they predict if the same combination of events that happened in 1859 happen again in 2012 a perfect solar storm will happen causing devastating damages in the electricity system on Earth which will damage life on Earth as we know it! Meaning that there would be no power on the streets, no airplanes, no ATM machines, no telephones, cell phones, Television Satellites…. Nothing that works on electricity!!! The major problem is that IF this storm happened nobody knows how long it would last and most important no one knows how long it would take mankind to build another electricity infrastructure. This could last for days, weeks, months or even years!! Scary huh?!!

But the question remains… How sure are NASA scientists that the same events that happened in 1859 causing the enormous solar storm would happen again in 2012?

And if we had bad luck and a Perfect Storm happened again in 2012, how prepared are we to live in the dark again for several years perhaps?!

In my opinion it’s a matter of probabilities, but we have the right to know our options and what procedures should we take to prevent this great damage.


Success Factors of Paul the Octopus

15 07 2010

Everyone who has watched the Football World Cup 2010 in South Africa must have heard of a very famous octopus named Paul. Paul stunned the world with his amazing predictions regarding winning and losing teams. Paul is a British citizen living in Germany, he started his superstition career last Football Euro Championship where he got an 70% percentage where he made only one mistake when he favored his hosting country Germany over Spain but Germany lost at the time.

However, this World Cup he was able to reach the 100% percentage in all his predictions. Paul is now extremely famous and expensive; Wealthy business men in Spain are demanding to buy Paul (especially after predicting that Spain will win the World Cup against The Netherlands, which they actually did!) Paul is now priced 30 million Euros.

People now consider Paul a World Cup winner and many wonder whether he’s a real psychic or is it just his luck. Others like to think that maybe he just likes bright colours.

Some say that it’s not Paul who predicts who will win it’s the psychological factor he’s after, whenever he favors a team against the other, according to Paul, the losing team is psychologically affected, therefore they don’t play as enthusiastic as they should be. Exactly like what happened when Paul predicted that Germany will lose; Newspapers in Germany were all about how Paul betrayed their hospitality and whether the German Manschaft are really capable of showing that Paul is wrong and eventually be able to win Spain. German people weren’t happy and expected to lose so as a result the German Manschaft perhaps got disappointed and it affected the way they played as we all saw.

Again when Paul predicted that Spain will win once more, but this time against The Netherlands, the Spanish team members were over the moon for Paul favoring them for the second time in a row and they were really happy and strong not to mention that it was their first time ever to reach the World Cup Finals so all this combination of things might have positively affected their will and they actually won after a rough game with the Dutch.

So is Paul really smart enough to know the human psychological nature and actually affect it?

Scientists however, disagree with psychics and they like to think that it’s all about science! Paul is just an ordinary octopus who likes bright colours and knows a good colour when he sees it, hmmm maybe but let’s go back to predictions:

  • When Germany played against England he chose Germany knowing that the German flag is Black, Yellow and Red while the English flag is all White with a Red cross in the middle so of course he’ll choose Germany
  • When Germany played against Argentina it’s the same again, Argentina’s flag is Blue and White and not as bright as the German flag
  • When Germany and Spain played, I’m sure Paul found it a bit difficult but again since the Spanish flag is all bright Yellow, Paul hesitated a bit then finally chose the bright Yellow and Red flag
  • Finally it was The Netherlands vs. Spain, again bright colours but the Spanish flag is brighter so Paul decides to choose Spain yet again J

So according to scientists it’s all about colours. Another thing as well is that Paul always went to his left and he had a 50% possibility so it’s only a matter of luck that the left team always won.

Personally I’d like to favor both factors, the psychology factor and the bright colours, I don’t know about you but I like Paul a lot, I hate to see him being purchased from a country to another but I believe he gave South Africa’s World Cup a different taste.

Whether he’s a psychic or it’s just his luck, I like Paul a lot, I don’t like having other animals predicting though, but I think that Paul is a special phenomena that should be left alone in peace.

A few Octopus physical facts:

  • They are able to recognize shapes and patterns
  • They recognize geographical landmarks
  • They can solve mazes
  • They can use tools and play with toys
  • They have excellent memory
  • They have sharp eyesight